"Full of inspirational advice and written from the perspective of someone who understands the reality of what young people are going through, LIFTOFF is for teens, moms and dads so they can work together in bringing the family closer together, setting up a future that is full of hope and better living."

Scott B. Allan

"Personally the Chapter on ‘You have Job1. Job 1 is the job you can do' – really helped me with a timely reminder to concentrate on the one job at hand. "

P. Patal

"....a simple read yet packed with ideas and strategies to help young people navigate the commonly stressful teenage years."

L. C. Wysocki

"Teenage years can be very challenging for the young people going through them and their parents alike. Sometimes you need an outsider to show you the way. You might not see it when you are in the middle of it. Ms Skeen's personal experience and sound advice can help a lot of people. 5 stars!"


"This is a great guide for teens who need direction on how to tackle life's problems."

Amazon Customer
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