ilene skeen

Ilene as a Kid
Ilene Skeen has had a passion for practical thinking since childhood. Her favorite pastimes were coloring books and jigsaw puzzles. 

Ilene thought that becoming a grownup happened in kindergarten. She was astonished to learn that growing up would take thirteen years of school.

School Downs and Ups
Ilene excelled in school except when she failed.

In 1974, Ilene discovered the opportunity in computers for her creative problem solving skills. She completed an MBA in Management and Operations Research, with distinction.

Ilene at Work
She led projects in accounting, operations and planning. She got good jobs that paid well. She saved her money and invested it.

In 2003, Ilene retired and took an MA in Anthropology. She founded a website for artists in 2006, teaching herself the new computer languages and technologies.

A Passion to Do More
In 2015, Ilene realized that practical thinking skills were rare and valuable. She decided to apply practical thinking to the most important problem everyone needs to solve: growing up.