Does stress OVERWHELM you? Do you need to be able to cope with MULTIPLE DEMANDS from all sides? Do you have little or NO IDEA of what you want to do with your life?
Speaking to Kids

Find out how you can harness your natural power to organize your life:

  • 2 easy worksheets to crush your negativity habit.
  • A 3-step method to achieve positive results under pressure.
  • 2 vital checklists to help you understand what to do and when to do it.
Job Stack  -- The Most Powerful Method  Ever  for Getting Things Done
  1. Do Job 1
  2. Set up Job 2
  3. Think about Job 3.

Liftoff  is for you as a teen or young adult because you are still young enough to want an ideal adulthood for yourself.

Speaking to Parents, Teachers & Mentors

I have one hope to express to you.

I hope that Liftoff is the book you wish you had read when you were a teen. If it is, I want you to know it's not too late for you.

Read the book. If you want to give this book to a teen important to you, do it and stand away.

Be there for your teen. Answer questions when you get them.

When your teen is ready for Liftoff, then Liftoff will be your teen's Job 1.

If you're a teen at heart, what's stopping you from CRUSHING your negativity and creating a POSITIVE life?
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